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We are extremely lucky in New Zealand to have some amazing Teaching Assistants to help out during the courses. These practitioners are very successful in their respective professional fields and come from around New Zealand and Australia.


Having them on board allows us to fully support students attending our classes, lowers the student/teacher ratio and they bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience. 


kath scott 

I graduated as in osteopath in 1998. For nearly 20 years I worked in Christchurch, co-owning a busy practise there. A few years after I graduated I began to feel that something was missing, why were people coming back for the same problem?


When I did my first Visceral Course it was like neon lights started flashing, and that has never stopped for me. Repeating the visceral courses and having an opportunity to be a TA has further enhanced not only my knowledge but my palpation skills as well. I am constantly learning something new from each course, and because of this my patients are gaining more benefits as well.

I have now been integrating visceral work into my practise for over 10 years; it has enabled me to expand the range of patients that I see. I tend to treat more chronic and complex cases now, which is both challenging and rewarding.  In 2018, I sold the practise and have set up as a sole practitioner in Dunedin.   

Benedicte Simon-Collins


I am Benedicte Simon-Collins, I am a 48 years old osteopath in Hawkes Bay. I graduated 24 years ago from the Cido/ESO in France and England.

Started my journey in the Barral realm 10 years ago and I use the work all the time,  it's so efficient and wonderful, I keep coming back for some more.

I Started being a TA a couple of years ago and that gave another layer of understanding and feeling.

Roslyn_small (002)_edited.jpg
Ros ratcliff

“As a physiotherapist of over 45 years, being exposed to the work of Jean Pierre Barral and Alain Crobier has totally transformed the way I treat. 

I have reflected to colleagues that many of the patients I treat these days I wouldn’t have known where to begin with them before being introduced to this profound body of work. 

I am increasingly fascinated with where this work takes me and find, as the years pass, I am even more passionate about learning more and further refining my skills. The thought of retiring is just not there! 

Liz Dunn

Liz is a Physiotherapist working in Sydney, Australia. She has in-depth experience in many fields of Physiotherapy, including acute hospital, cardiorespiratory and women’s and men’s health. She has also worked extensively with performers and crew in theatre and film, including Disney’s “The Lion King” and “Where the Wild Things Are”. 


She has mentored Physiotherapy students and graduates and lectured for undergraduate University courses in Critical Care nursing and National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA). She has presented lectures to a range of audiences including doctors, musical educators, physios, pilates instructors and the public. 


She is currently studying Nutritional and Environmental Medicine and anatomy at Sydney University.


Liz has a passionate interest in learning about the body and brain and how to help her patients attain a happy and healthy life. Discovering Barral and his exciting work led her to change her entire approach: a huge paradigm shift but absolutely worth it! It helped to open a whole new world for a Physiotherapist, where one isn’t limited to musculoskeletal and myofascial structures, and consider the whole body from the important organ perspective and how their roles are really so relevant to us as manual therapists. Liz continues to enthusiastically study and learn, doing more courses with the Barral Institute and assisting with the teaching of Barral’s techniques in Australia, New Zealand and overseas. 

Manual therapist

Rosie Greene has been in private clinical practice since 2002, initially as a Remedial Massage Therapist in New Zealand, after changing professional direction, from her first passion of teaching. She then continued her clinical education through courses offered through the Barral and Upledger Institutes in New Zealand, Australia and the USA, which significantly broadened her skill and interest base. These studies included training in Visceral, Vascular, Neural Manipulation and Manual Articular techniques, as well as CranioSacral Therapy.

Rosie maintains an extensive clinical practice treating both adults and children, who present with a very broad spectrum of clinical presentations ranging from the elite athlete to gastro-intestinal and pelvic conditions, from post-surgical to post trauma conditions, amongst many others. Rosie enjoys the challenges that this wide range of patients presents, and utilizes her extensive training in her approach to treating these patients.

In 2010 Rosie was invited to be a Teaching Assistant at courses teaching the Barral Visceral Manipulation curriculum, and has since assisted across the breadth of the Barral Institute curriculum, both locally and overseas.


She also runs study groups in New Zealand and Australia. In 2015 Rosie became a Certified Visceral Manipulation Instructor for the Barral Institute, and now teaches VM1, VM2, VM3 & VM4  in New Zealand, Australia and internationally. Rosie is the eternal student herself, whilst now also greatly enjoying using her teaching skills to open the door to the world of visceral manipulation for an increasing number of practitioners.

Profile pic equine.jpg
damian kitcheman

Damian has been a practising osteopath for almost 20 years. He was born in Yorkshire and did his early training in osteopathy at The John Wernham College of Classical Osteopathy, before completing his training at the British School of Osteopathy in London.


Soon after qualifying as an osteopath in 2002, Damian moved to New Zealand, and has practiced in Hamilton for many years. He took his first course in Visceral Manipulation in 2011 and was hooked from the start, when he discovered that Jean-Pierre Barral’s work reminded him of his early classical osteopathic training. Over the years, he attended numerous VM and NM courses, with a belief that Visceral Manipulation was the catalyst to becoming a true holistic practitioner. Damian believes that with an understanding of how the musculoskeletal system, viscera, and psychology are intertwined and interdependent, practitioners have a much greater ability to evaluate, understand and help their patients.


Damian became a Teaching Assistant with the Barral Institute in 2013 assisting in classes across the breadth of the curriculum before qualifying as a Teacher.  He says it is a great privilege to be a teacher with the Barral Institute, and that he gets a “massive buzz” when helping others to understand the principles and techniques of Jean Pierre’s work.


Damian teaches in Australasia and the USA and continues to study the Barral curriculum.

Teresa 1.jpg
teresa findlay
massage therapist


Teresa Findlay has been working as a massage therapist since 1995.  She enjoys a busy clientele and was based at QEII Clinical Massage Therapy for 16 years.

Teresa enjoys having her own clinic based in Woodend and very much looks forward to applying her knowledge to assist you in your quest for better health and a pain free life.

Teresa is a graduate from the Canterbury College of Natural Medicine where she also taught for over 10 years. Teresa continues to attend post graduate courses annually.  This ensures she will regularly increase and improve her treatment skills and keep up with internationally recognized modalitites.
Over the years, Teresa has attended post graduate courses in the following:

  • Neuromuscular Massage Therapy (NMT)

  • Myofascial Release (MFR)

  • CranioSacral Therapy (CST)

  • Visceral Manipulation (VM)

Ditte van Vliet


I graduated in 2010 from the University of Otago with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy. I have dabbled into McKenzie, dry needling, explain pain and am a qualified Mulligans practitioner. Having recently started set up as a sole practitioner I am loving being able to apply the Barral principles at treatment to rural New Zealand. 


Having stumbled across my first ever Barral course post maternity leave in search of some valuable CPD hours. I am beyond thrilled to have been able to use and see the effect of this amazing work transform patients symptoms and my way of treating. I have been utilising the anatomy and principles to explain and reason why techniques can have the profound lasting effects. 


I am the newest member to the Barral team. I am looking forward to refining my skills and taking newly acquired skills back to clinic. Always amazing myself of what can be felt with our own two hands.

George McKenzie.jpg
George McKenzie
osteopath MOst BAppSci


​George trained in Auckland, completing a Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Biology) and Masters of Osteopathy. He began practice in 2009 and he has undertaken extensive postgraduate courses in visceral (internal organs) osteopathy. These included courses covering pelvic pain, post-surgery osteopathy, obstetrics as well as an array of Barral courses which lead him to become a TA for our VM1 classes.

Krissy Gunn 

I qualified as a physio from Queen Margaret College in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1991 and having specialised in musculoskeletal work  I completed a clinical Masters in Neuromuscular Physiotherapy from Curtin University in Perth, Australia in 2001. I started my own physiotherapy practice in Ashburton and Methven in New Zealand in 2008 and found myself referring a number of clients on to the local craniotsacral and visceral practitioner. It was under Kazza's prompting that I started craniosacral work in 2013 and the next exciting progression of my professional development started. Since then I have completed CST 1, 2, SER 1, Paediatric CST 1 and 2, small animal craniosacral in the Upledger curriculum.


In 2014 I took VM1 and Listening 1 with Ron Marriotti and my passion grew for the Visceral work that for me was the perfect balance of using my manual therapy evaluation and analytical skills while striving for precise and specific palpation and treatment techniques. Even in my incompetent hands I found the results were outstanding and filling a huge gap in my practice. But I found it SO hard! As such I have repeated VM1 three times, VM2 three times, VM3 twice, VM5 twice and am super excited to be repeating VM4 this year and completing this part of the Barral curriculum at the end of the year with VM6.


I have even had the privilege of supporting Rosie as a teaching assistant and sharing my love for the work with others. Every day I learn something new, feel something different and achieve better results- I would have loved to have started this journey 30 years ago so now I have to cram in as much learning as I possibly can!

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