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We love receiving feedback from our participants after they have finished one of our courses.  Thank you to those who have written testimonials for us to share.

You can see for yourself that these classes are highly regarded and enjoyed by many.

Please feel free to contact us should you wish to send us a testimonial or if you have any questions or queries.

From Chris Gauntlett;

"Completing NM1 and NM2 has taken my Barral practice to a new level on a range of different fronts. I now have a more comprehensive understanding of which structure I am treating and why. Learning to treat the nervous system is an essential complement to working with the viscera and has enabled me to achieve more effective and longer lasting clinical results. The precession and lightness of touch required to effectively assess and treat the nerves has also had the follow on effect of improving my overall technique and assessment skills when working with the viscera."


Here are Chris's Case Studies - NM1 and NM2 to read and enjoy.

Chris Gauntlett

Clinical Myotherapist


After completing NM1 - I was so excited to have done this technique (Crainofacial Junction) with one of my patients a couple of weeks ago! I had a very clear head listening and the local listening was sutural and took me anteriorly, slightly on the left. The maxillae and frontal bones initially started to compress and then sheared in opposite directions before finally unraveling and releasing. It's interesting how different it feels when you do it with someone just to practice the technique vs on someone who really needs it- it just feels "right"

Kris Esguerra


From Phil Patton;


Throughout my career I’ve always wanted to do my best for my patients. However, at times, despite putting in a huge amount of effort, I still found myself being less effective than I hoped. This has lead me to study many different manual therapy curriculums throughout the world with the hope to just help my patients a bit more.

After discovering Visceral Manipulation I realised that there’s a large part of the body which is ignored by the musculoskeletal-focused modalities. When we start to become aware of the significant influence that the organs have over our patient’s experience (pain, movement, proprioception, control, etc.), we can become truly holistic practitioners.

If you find yourself wanting to be more effective and to be able to offer your patients something more, I’d recommend you do a Visceral Manipulation course and discover how treating the organs can help your patients.


Phil Patton

Master of Sports Physiotherapy

BAppSc (Physiotherapy)

From Liz Dunn;

I come from a ‘traditional’ musculoskeletally-based taught background, the same as a lot of Physios. I’ve done the same pummelling, mobilising, stretching as many manual therapists, as well as wondering why patients come back with the same complaints over time. When I did my first Barral course, it opened a whole new exciting world of how we can help our patients with looking at the body as a whole, and which structures are actually causing the main dysfunctions. Here, Jean-Pierre Barral teaches us how to find and first treat the restricted areas (be it organ, nerve, muscle or joint) instead of the symptomatic and compensating ones. This amazing work has entirely changed the way I treat as a Physio, as well as look at the whole body, including anatomical and physiological aspects I hadn’t thought about since Uni! The amazing and often far-reaching results speak for themselves, and most importantly assist our patients to regain movement and pain-free lives. Do your patients and yourself a favour, and do a course to find out!

Liz Dunn


From Carine Dougherty;

Barral Courses

The  Barral institute courses cover a range of topics from Visceral Manipulation, to Neural, and Vascular topics, however they all complement one another. It helps not to have too much information in one go, and breaking down the work into different topics allows students to learn part of the work while practising precise skills. The more practise you get applying the work, the more you realise how much the human body inter-reacts as a whole. The courses utilise the precise skills, and links discovered and tested along the many years of practise of Jean Pierre Barral, Alain Croibier and their close collaboration to their peers. This has enabled the Barral Institute to develop a method of understanding, of how to be specific in what we do by listening to the patient’s body and interactions, and finding the causality of problems as opposed to treating the symptoms. If practitioners are bored doing the same thing at work day in day out, need inspiration, and want to know how to further help clients, these courses might be what they need to develop a deeper understanding of might be going on, and why they are perhaps not getting the results they want.

  • Carine Dougherty (Osteopath)

Alan Croibier courses in Australia


I attended two courses taught by Alain Croibier in Australia. He is such an amazing person to learn from – not only because of his work experience, but also his humbleness and patience to help other people, while transmitting his knowledge. Each time I attend a course I learn something new, not only about different ways of inter-acting with a type of tissue, but also about myself – depending on my posture, the way I utilise my body, the way I listen to the patients’ tissues, and how I make sense of it. Alain’s courses also gave me a whole new dimension of understanding of the human body. The more I think I know about something the more I realise it is more complex and there is still so much more to understand. Attending these courses also enabled me to reflect on my work, see what I can modify to be more specific, play around with concepts and ideas, look for the causality of a problem as opposed to treating the compensation or symptoms, and review what I know about anatomy, and the complexity and variation of the human body. These courses have helped me to be more specific in my practice, and to help a wide variation of clients, that previously, I may not have known where to start off from. 

  • Carine Dougherty (Osteopath)

New Zealand Conference Feedback


The Osteopathic conference was an amazing event, which brought different minds together to express their thoughts and understanding of helping people via different life experiences and skills. Alain Croibier spoke at the conference about the background of the Barral Institute’s work, what has led the Institute to where it is now, and how it can best help patients and transfer knowledge down to its peers. Over time the Institute has developed a model with a co-link in between seven sub-systems, which all inter-react with one another. These sub systems are also influenced and governed by a person’s emotional, psychological, social and hormonal state. This model enables us to understand and link the inter-relation of the human body and its complexity, how to best determine the causality of problems as opposed to treating only the symptoms. The courses offered by the Barral Institute helps to break down the complexity of the human body into different sub categories to better understand the link and connection around the body. 

  • Carine Dougherty (Osteopath

Feedback from 2023 Courses
  • These courses are inspirational and addictive! My work has become more specific, diagnostically more precise and there, treatment more effective (Osteopath 21 years)

  • An amazing revision of anatomy & how the organs need each other to work optimately. (Naturopath 7 yrs, Pharmacy 30 yrs)

  • These courses are the missing link between medicine and manual therapy going beyond symptom hunting to healing (Health Professional)

  • As always a good workshop, a good mix of theory and practical techniques, delivered by a great team of teachers. (Structural Integration Practitioner)

  • Really great content, enough time to practice and helpful assistants. (Health Professional)

  • The course opens your mind to a new way of seeing and integrating the body. It improves your ability to understand the original issue for your patient and gives a framework to give lasting results. (Physiotherapist 20 years)

  • The heart, art and science of listening and treating the body is just wonderful! (Midwifery & Manual Therapy 21 years)

  • I can not recommend the Barral Courses enough. The information techniques and skills learnt are invaluable and have really empowered e as a practitioner (Osteopath,  First year graduate)

  • Take the Leap into Barral - you wont regret it! (Osteopath 7+ years)

  • I always come away with so much information and knowledge and excitement about integrating it into my clinic (Osteopath 15+years)

  • Just an inspiring course to daily findings - what and why we do it and how beneficial it is to our patients. (Osteopath 6 years)

  • These courses have given me so many additional observational and treatment tools that will enhance my ability to help so many more patients in a more profound way. I am so grateful! (Osteopath 20 years)

  • Another Fabulous course (LT1) full of learning (Osteopath)

  • Who knew something as subtle and delicate can make such a massive effect! (Health professional 12 years)

  • Invaluable, Barral has completely changed and revolutionised my practice to get results. (Remedial Therapy 11 years)

  • Every course I have done through Barral Institute has provided a wealth of theoretical and practical information. (Osteopath 11 years)

  • Looking for something different? Challenge yourself, you will not be disappointed. (Physiotherapist 17 years)

  • As always - top notch, clinically relevant education and as always, exceeded by expectations. (Osteopath 4 years)

  • The teachers were an incredible source of knowledge, skill and passion. (Physiotherapist 18 years)

Feedback from Various Courses



Amazing teaching. Rosie is the most incredible teacher. So understandable about her anatomy and visceral osteopathy. This course will change the way you practice!! (Osteopath of 8 years)


Very enjoyable learning environment – pace and depth of material covered great.


Love the Barral Building in Christchurch! Communication with Rosie & Kirsty during registration and re-scheduling due to covid restrictions was quick, easy and thorough

Excellent use of props, great enthusiasm – I find it so easy to learn from Rosie!

Amazing course providing such deep hands-on practice and upskilling – and so many “missing Links’ for my practice! – (Osteopath of 4.5 years)


A great piece of the puzzle that is people’s bodies in Dysfunction – Osteopath of 22 years




I’m still learning heaps – 3rd time around – great teaching style. We are constantly wanting to improve our skills and to achieve changes for our clients. Repeating workshops is a good way to achieve this - (Massage Therapist of 26 years)


A fascinating course which opens up more questions to be explored – Remedial Therapist & Reflexologist


Powerful learning – it will change the way I work!


These courses are so very relevant to what happens in my clinic, they provide a wealth of knowledge and tools for practical use – (Massage Therapist of 21 years)


Rosie is an excellent tutor, her teaching background really brings something to the table – (Osteopath of 15 years)


Provides a missing link for those out of the box cases – absolutely brilliant! – (Physiotherapist of 11 years)



AMAZING – I love this and I cant believe not more people are doing pelvic organ work – (Osteopath of 5 years)


The body contains a wealth of information and the way we tap into this and being allowed by the body to treat Is so satisfying and rewards, especially when it is so gentle but the change is so profound – (Massage Therapist of 17 years)

The Barral work takes you to another level of knowledge, understanding and palpates where you get results and can help people who thought nothing can be done for them – Osteopath of 14 years

VM ZOOM Study group - FROM Yohanna Davidson


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the effort you are putting into these Zoom revision sessions. I have found them so incredibly useful, jam-packed with knowledge and presented so clearly. It's been great going over the basics and being reminded of things I had forgotten. When you talked about using inhibition as a way of confirming you were in the right place, I couldn't believe I had forgotten that simple step and boy, has it been useful these past two weeks!


I had a client a few days after the first VM2 session who for several months was getting pain and feeling very tight under her ribs and into mid Tsp. She reported very bad reflux and also having tension across the top of her R shoulder and into her neck. She'd also had a R reverse shoulder replacement 2 yrs age after two major falls. She'd seen her GP who was going to refer for US imaging if symptoms persisted. I found listening took me to pyloric sphincter and there was a lot of tenderness around greater curvature of stomach and splenic flexure. Treatment focused around reducing tension of pyloric sphincter and stomach and mobilising transverse colon (as well as some rib and neck articulation). She felt immediately improved under the ribs and when I saw her last week she said she was hardly getting any pain there now and didn't feel there was any need to have an US if it continued to feel this good! It was so good having had the refresher a few days prior to initially seeing this woman and so incredibly satisfying seeing the benefit the treatment brought! I think there's still a bunch of things going on for this person but it was great to be able to help relieve the worst of the problems!


As you know, I am the queen of not trusting my hands but going through these refreshers and trying techniques out again has definitely shown me that my palpation is improving and my treatment is effective. Thank you for re-inspiring me! I am so appreciative of these revision sessions. I know its geeky, but I really look forward to them!! Thank you Rosie, you are amazing!


  • Yohanna Davidson, Osteopath, NZ

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