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Visceral Manipulation

Visceral Manipulation: Manual Thermal Evaluation and Introduction to VisceroEmotional (VM5)


Visceral Manipulation

Course Length: 4 days. CPD: 24 hours


Course Description:

VM5 is divided into 2 parts:


  1. Manual Thermal Evaluation – Participants will learn the evaluation method developed by Jean-Pierre Barral, DO, MRO(F) that utilizes sensitivity to temperature changes to identify dysfunction within the body. It is useful across a wide spectrum of health disciplines and augments other forms of evaluation


  1. Visceral Emotional Listening - In this course participants will learn that Jean Pierre Barral's techniques for working with the emotions of the body are as specific as his techniques for working with physical structures. It is normal to have emotions; it is life. Where we run into problems is when these emotions are not discharged. We do not “guess “where emotions are stored; we feel them with our hands


The techniques learnt in VM5 are essential to the whole person evaluation and treatment


Course Highlights:

  • Discover the scientific understanding of body heat, and the clinical significance of changes in surface temperature.

  • Learn the use of Manual Thermal Evaluation to find restrictions and organ dysfunction in the body.

  • Review VM1-VM4 while learning topography of the organs and their manual thermal palpation.

  • Explore the synchronicity between the body and brain, and how that affects the health of a person.

  • Discover how the brain uses the internal organs to discharge and express excess energy (often of emotional origin) and how that affects structural integrity.

  • Learn specificity of working with structure and the emotions.

  • Help the body discharge stored emotional energy with precision

  • Practice working with energy loss, locating structural restrictions contributing to pain, and managing a therapeutic session.

  • Evaluate if emotion is 0%, 1% or 100% of the problem.



Visceral Manipulation 1 to 4 (VM1 +VM2 +VM3 + VM4)


Recommended reading:

Manual Thermal Evaluation – Jean Pierre Barral

Understanding the Messages of your Body – Jean Pierre Barral

Understanding the Messages of your Joints – Jean Pierre Barral 

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